Friday, 27 May 2011

Windy days and busy school days!

Hello everybody

After Podersdorf there hasn’t been any blog update anymore although there where more than enough good sessions happening here in the Netherlands with lots of wind and some really sick days of sailing. But because it are my last 2 weeks at school and next week my first exam I was studying most of the time besides windsurfing and getting my schoolwork done for the end of the year. But let’s talk about the surfing, instead of going to talk about every session I will sum up some of the best moment I had this past month.

Like you maybe read on my twitter I had a really sick session behind a sandbank which I never sailed before and can’t believe I didn’t because I was sailing at that spot where the sandbank is already since I was 9 and really a lot!  But this day the wind direction was just perfect, accelerating above the hot sand from the sun there was at least 4 knts more behind the sandbank and perfect flat water just amazing.  Hope I can do some filming there one day!

Than I had 3 really good session at the sea side of Brouwersdam, which is great with high water and wzw wind because it makes a great mix of flat and some nice choppy water which I prefer above only flat water as I can get my technique of ducking even better when you train it in chop rather than only on flat water. In these days I learned my burner back on the other side which makes that in Bonaire I will be able to jump burners right in front of the judges which is perfect.  So I am feeling more and more ready for Bonaire to hopefully put on a better result again than in Podersdorf.

Further I sailed again on the lake for the first time since I came back from Podersdorf with a day that was so windy but also pretty gusty that I was sailing first 4.3 and than 4.0 full power together with all my friends from here which is always great to share a good session with friends. That day I was just working more on my burners on my bad side so I really got them good for the competitions which are upcoming but also was enjoying the strong winds again.

Yesterday I went to the sea for a wave session because I was snacking for waves again and with the upcoming events in Sardinia, Bonaire and Aruba there won’t be to many waves anymore before I leave to Lanzarote (if this event happens) where its useful to be able to do some jumps in your heats if it gets windy and wavy. And besides that I always love a day of wavesailing as it gives me more energy the next time I’m freestyling! More about yesterday will come in my next blog update!

Next week Tuesday I leave to Sardinia but there will normally be another blog update on Monday as it looks windy again this weekend so hopefully my mother can make some other nice pictures like she did this time! Also take a look on my fanpage site of facebook for more pictures from the past few days! Just type in Dieter B35 or follow this link

Cheers Dieter

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