Saturday, 27 November 2010

Stormy Wave Sailing & NK Wave

Hello everybody
After my last update 2 weeks ago we saw the forecast not the conditions that I expected with only 2 days of surfing. Although I have to say Friday I finally could test my new 3.3 in the waves at the Belgian coast in good jumping conditions although my 3.3 was still to big sometimes. It was a perfect day with around 40-45 kts out of the W turning in the afternoon to WSW which means perfect sailing conditions in Bredene with waves around 2-3 meters but also with some nice steep ramps for my biggest jumps ever. I was not to much busy with trying back loops as I didn’t have to much control in the air as the wind was sometimes taking me away as I went in the air which is a great feeling. After 2 hours on 3.3 the wind dropped a bit more and I couldn’t plane not so good anymore on the way out because it became gustier which made it impossible to get planning on my 3.3 and gave me a nice wipe out all the way to the beach. Time to take a bigger sail to enjoy the wind as long as possible now there was still wind as it would drop in the afternoon. After another 2 hours the wind was totally over and everybody left home looking back at a really good stormy wave day.
The next morning it would be the Dutch Championships which I decided to enter because I was curious what the level in the Netherlands was as there are much more spots there than here in Belgium. The forecast said still some good winds for the morning till 11 with around 25 knts out of W which would have been perfect on Scheveningen. Which would be perfect, if there would have been 25 knts but it turned out to be only 13-15 knts, far from enough wind for wave sailing competition. I ended up giving it a try on my S-1 5.3 and Kode 86 but couldn’t get planning and didn’t have any power to do some wave rides although I tried as you can see on the pictures on the end of the blog.
Sunday it would get windy but very late and it was a big guess whether it would get there fast enough before getting dark. In the end we left as the wind picked up and went on the water around 5 o’clock in the evening, knowing the sunset was at 5.20 it gave us a nice session on my 4.7 with half hour in light where we still could see the shop and see further than 10m and half hour in dark where you could not see the chop till it was one meter in front of your board which made freestyling pretty interesting as you could not use your vision to see how the water was but you just did everything on feeling which makes it a lot harder. In the end it became really to dark at 6 and me and my dad decided to go back to the side before we couldn’t see each other anymore. Now this is still my last surf session so far but for sure it was worth every second, even if it would have been only 15 min.!
Now it’s getting colder with temp. around 0°C and will even drop more as they are predicting around -6°C next week and maybe already the first snow, Winter is coming way to fast!!!
Chears Dieter

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